June 13, 2018

Inbound marketing metrics to measure campaign success


Inbound marketing metrics to measure campaign success

Inbound marketing is a powerful method for generating leads and growing businesses because it’s driven by data. A website forms the nucleus of an inbound marketing strategy and acts as a tool for collecting and analysing the data that goes into moulding it and measuring its success. This ability to measure how a strategy is performing in real time, and adjust it accordingly, means that huge cost savings can be achieved – a strategy can be changed immediately if it’s not delivering the desired results, instead of six months down the line. However, to achieve this, you need to use the right metrics.

June 06, 2018

Lead generation & inbound marketing


What lead generation means in an inbound marketing context

Lead generation – the lifeblood of a business’ health and success. Without it, how do you generate the customers that’ll create revenue and profits? In the past, marketing techniques relied on interruptive and aggressive campaigns to force people into buying their products. And it sort of worked, simply because the customer of yesterday didn’t have the Internet or know any better. But, at what cost to the company? A one size fits all approach to attracting business is costly and, back in the days before big data, often immeasurable too. Things have changed since the emergence of inbound marketing: lead generation is now an entirely new game with the potential to yield far greater results than before.

June 04, 2018

My Journey with a HubSpot Sales Super Star

Taking a journey with HubSpot Sales Super Star, David Weinhaus (@davidweinhaus) was one incredible experience!

When I was first invited to join the HubSpot Sales Skills Development Boot camp I jumped at the opportunity. For months I have been attending webinars and jumping into certification courses for Inbound Sales through HubSpot. The motivation for this frenzy was the desire to improve my team’s productivity and sales techniques.

May 30, 2018

Successful content marketing strategy tactics


How to make a success of content marketing

May 23, 2018

The six inbound marketing techniques your business needs


As someone in charge of running a company, you’ll know exactly what it means to spend more time working in your business than on your business. You’ve got to be CEO, manage business development, motivate your team and ensure those leads keep coming in – oh, and generate ROI and profits. You’ve probably already cottoned on to the fact that the digital landscape holds huge potential for taking care of the above, yet knowing exactly which inbound marketing techniques to set in motion to grow sales isn’t always easy, especially if keeping up with the latest inbound trends isn’t top of your to-do list. Here are six inbound marketing techniques we think form the foundation of any solid marketing strategy:

April 24, 2018

7 signs you should invest in Inbound Marketing


Seven signs you need to invest in inbound marketing

Knowing where to divert your marketing efforts can be tough. The internet abounds with all kinds of approaches to generate more leads, raise conversion rates and increase revenue. Email marketing, direct marketing, digital marketing, account based marketing – it’s a hell of a lot to take in! And then how do you know which one would suit the unique needs of your business? We might be biased, but we think that inbound marketing might be as close to a silver bullet as you can get for growing online businesses – or any business with a website. If you’re wondering whether your business is in need of some inbound marketing TLC, read on to see if you recognise any of these seven signs:

April 17, 2018

B2B Marketing techniques to generate qualified leads


The best B2B marketing techniques to generate leads

Living in the age of Big Data is both a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, the collection and analysis of data gives businesses insights into customer behaviour, allows for predictive analytics, and helps directors make decisions that’ll result in higher revenue and profits. On the other hand, businesses can’t rely on intuition (the less arduous route) when it comes to marketing – you’ve got to be scientific about generating a steady stream of qualified leads in order to keep revenue growing, because you can bet anything that’s what your competitors are doing. B2B marketing has become a science more than an art, and ROI is the yardstick by which its success is determined. In this blog, we’re going to take a look at the best B2B marketing techniques for generating the qualified leads that are going to bring in revenue.

April 10, 2018

What to look for in an inbound marketing agency


What to look for in an inbound marketing agency

If you thought choosing marketing automation software was tricky, find the right inbound marketing agency is just as hard. After all, you can’t simply request a free demo from a prospective agency to show you how they’re going to help grow your business, generate leads and increase conversion rates. And how much information can you really glean from only trawling their social media feeds? We understand what an important decision choosing the right inbound marketing agency is – the long-term health of your business depends on it. That’s why we’ve written this blog – to prep you with the questions to ask when looking for the ultimate inbound marketing agency.

April 05, 2018

Why use HubSpot as your choice inbound marketing tool


Inbound marketing tools: Why hubspot should be your weapon of choice

Businesses are cottoning on to the multiple benefits of using marketing automation: from driving revenue and increasing sales efficiency, to reducing marketing overheads and generating more and better quality leads. But for marketing automation to exact these benefits, you need the right inbound marketing tools. Choosing the right marketing automation software can be daunting – how do you know which one will suit your business’ needs and growth requirements? And with the number of marketing automation companies and products (you’ve got a choice of over 215!) on the market booming, knowing which of the many inbound marketing tools to go for is tough. Out of them all, HubSpot stands out as an industry stalwart. Let’s take a look at the reasons why you should be using their product as your marketing automation tool:

April 02, 2018

4 must follow blogs on strategic marketing


Four must-follow strategic marketing blogs

We get it – keeping up with the digital Joneses is tough. Not just because ‘To Do’ lists seem to lengthen by the day, but because the number of must-follow blogs about strategic marketing (not to mention all the other kinds of blogs you want to read) seems to extrapolate too. And how do you know whether one self-proclaimed marketing guru is really who he says he is? And is sheer number of followers an accurate gauge of credibility? In a digital landscape that changes daily, it’s OK to need some guidance about which strategic marketing blogs to follow. Rather than trying to follow them all, pick a handful and read them regularly. Here are our four favourite blogs that will ensure your finger remains on the pulse:

1) HubSpot

The Gods of marketing automation have one of the most comprehensive strategic marketing blogs out there. HubSpot is a marketing automation business that counts many thousands of marketers as customers, and they know a thing or two about how to get online strategic marketing right. The blog is divided into marketing and sales topics and is updated several times a day. They write in a chatty style, breaking down digital marketing concepts into readily digestible bites, which means they’re a breeze to read at the end of a long day. There’s tons of data, reports and resources like infographics too. This blog is a go-to resource for any query you have about inbound marketing.