April 02, 2018

4 must follow blogs on strategic marketing


Four must-follow strategic marketing blogs

We get it – keeping up with the digital Joneses is tough. Not just because ‘To Do’ lists seem to lengthen by the day, but because the number of must-follow blogs about strategic marketing (not to mention all the other kinds of blogs you want to read) seems to extrapolate too. And how do you know whether one self-proclaimed marketing guru is really who he says he is? And is sheer number of followers an accurate gauge of credibility? In a digital landscape that changes daily, it’s OK to need some guidance about which strategic marketing blogs to follow. Rather than trying to follow them all, pick a handful and read them regularly. Here are our four favourite blogs that will ensure your finger remains on the pulse:

1) HubSpot

The Gods of marketing automation have one of the most comprehensive strategic marketing blogs out there. HubSpot is a marketing automation business that counts many thousands of marketers as customers, and they know a thing or two about how to get online strategic marketing right. The blog is divided into marketing and sales topics and is updated several times a day. They write in a chatty style, breaking down digital marketing concepts into readily digestible bites, which means they’re a breeze to read at the end of a long day. There’s tons of data, reports and resources like infographics too. This blog is a go-to resource for any query you have about inbound marketing.

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2) Digital Marketer

These guys, who describe themselves on Twitter as “a community where marketers and entrepreneurs come to get ideas on driving more traffic, increasing conversion rates, and boosting social engagement”, provide services across the whole strategic marketing board. This makes them well equipped to write insightful and useful blogs across topics including content marketing, social media marketing, ecommerce, paid advertising and marketing analytics. The blog is updated several times a week, and also includes case studies and infographics. It’s got great design and, like HubSpot, is written in an engaging and conversational style.

3) The Content Marketing Institute

The Content Marketing Institute is an organisation on a mission to “advance the practice of content marketing”: one very important ingredient in strategic marketing. Through their blog, training and research they aim to be the go-to resource on content marketing. As well as daily blog articles – about creating and measuring strategies, social media and driving customer delight, for example – you can download How To guides, listen to podcasts and subscribe to their bi-monthly magazine, CCO.

4) Convince and Convert

Jay Baer, President of the strategic advisory firm Convince and Convert, believes that “in digital marketing, if you stop learning, you die. Period.” His solution to continuous learning is to read, read and read (blogs about strategic marketing, that is). The Convince and Convert blog pumps out 10 new articles a week, two of which are written by Jay. Advising businesses about attracting and retaining more customers from a strategic perspective is what they do, and their UX-friendly design and engrossing blogs draw on the wealth of experience they have in this field. And they must be doing something right – the Content Marketing Institute have named them the number one content marketing blog in the world.

If you’d like to build on any of the inbound marketing topics you’ve read about in the blogs you follow, download our guide for an in-depth look at how inbound can help you grow your business:

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